Topikal Everything Hemp..

Is a family owned and operated company based out of Southern California. We opened our doors in 2015 as the first ever CBD retail boutique in California. The founders of the company, Gary and Greg Avetisyan, were introduced to CBD early on to alleviate symptoms of their ailments. They were amazed to see benefits in many aspects of their personal health on top of the relief from their ailments. They realized that not all CBD products are created equally, and that every ingredient in CBD products are of equal importance in the effectiveness of a CBD product. They created Topikal as a tool to educate health conscious customers of CBD’s potential. Now at Topikal we continue to educate our clients on the many properties of CBD and the potential benefits it can provide in our daily lives. 

In a rapidly growing industry the two brothers realized that they needed to spread their acquired knowledge to as many people as possible. Utilizing the feedback from thousands of customers in their retail locations, the brothers expanded into the formulation of the Topikal line of hemp CBD products. With the Topikal line of CBD products their mission was to set the highest standard for what you should expect from CBD products. Your body deserves the best, so we continuously work to source and provide some of the best ingredients in our products. All of our products go through a rigorous testing process in-house as wells as by a third party lab to ensure quality and consistency. All of our hemp CBD is grown and CO2 extracted in the United States. We use a Full Spectrum Whole Plant hemp extract with 0% THC to ensure you get CBD without a psychoactive effect.