How Much CBD Should You Take?

How Much CBD Should You Take?

In Short: TBD. It seems like an easy answer, but take it seriously. The accurate amount of CBD for a consumer distinguishes one from another since the optimal dose depends on several factors, i.e. consumer’s body conditions, CBD concentration, tolerance period and desired effects. Following are four key considerations which you should focus on when you choose the proper dosage. However, for those first-time CBD consumers, we strongly encourage that you consult with doctors before your first attempt of CBD-related products.

  • Body conditions

Obviously, personal weight and health conditions act as key drives to affect how much dosage of CBD will exert functions on your body. On a common sense, heavier people are more likely to consume more doses compared with lighter populations who can experience the same effects of CBD with a lower feed.

  • CBD concentrations

CBD market is now booming, providing consumers with different and diverse choices of CBD products. The most popular versions are CBD oil, edibles (eg. capsules and gummies) and CBD beverages. However, in a specific CBD product, CBD concentration is totally different from other options. Concentration, in other words, strength, represents the amount of CBD in a certain product, different from the definition of dosage, which means the amount of CBD per serving.

  • Tolerance period

It’s common that if you continuously take medication over a specific period of time, you may develop a tolerance effect, which means you can’t experience the same level of effects with the same dosage. You may need a higher amount of doses subsequently due to the tolerance effect to achieve the desired effects. 

  • Desired effects

Most of the consumers are utilizing CBD products to relieve pain or anxiety, for which an optimal dose may be not as much as those who are experiencing chronic diseases or severe stress which needs a much higher amount to achieve their desired effects. In a sentence, customers with mild conditions only need a lower dose compared with those with severe symptoms to attain their demanding outcomes. 

If you are trying your first attempt of CBD-ish products, please refer to the criteria cited above to decide on your first dosage of CBD. 

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